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CREATICKS is a premier Middle East education consultancy. We are recruiting students mainly from the Middle East and Asian countries to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Europe, China, Malaysia and India.

CREATICKS provides a platform for potential students, professionals and concerned parents to impart an exhaustive ambit of academics and training programs in our partnered colleges and universities.



Who we are

CREATICKS is a young motivated educational consultant agency. We are a team of professional people who are keeping up with the modern world and up to date trends and technologies, CREATICKS helps students who are eager to learn, to get into the right universities and colleges.

But wait, there’s more!

We not only help students get into a school, but we also offer a range of placement services to help them settle in when they arrive so that they, and their parents, can enjoy a stress-free transition to studying abroad.
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To be the partner of choice, delivering the highest level of Service, Quality and Efficiency.

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I Can and I Will
Excellence is not a destination but a never ending journey. For us, every sign is a new benchmark. Every challenge we are facing is an opportunity to excel. Every achievement is a step to greater heights.