About Us

About Creaticks


Creaticks is a consultancy which represents International universities and institutes all over the world. We have two main activities which are Study Abroad and coordinating Training Programs. 

Through us, you can reach out to some of the top-ranked candidates anywhere in the country. We say this because for over 10 years we have built a physical network in Middle East across major cities and towns, and have already served more than 5000s of candidates. Our brand is trusted and valued in Middle East. Creaticks has established a very strong working relationship with various ministries in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and UAE. We have experience in handling various types of scholarship programs in various countries.

Study Abroad

Our aim is to provide students with all our support they need to study a degree or a language qualification abroad.

We are helping clients who want to study in anywhere in the world. We are assisting our clients to get admission and all other procedures to travel including visa, accommodation, airport pickup, pre-departure preparation etc. Our main destinations for students are the USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, UK, New Zealand, Malaysia, China, India and Europe countries. The diverse cultures in these countries will hopefully provide a warm and friendly environment to live and study.

Creaticks, your first port of call when University hunting. Not sure where to start? Need some support applying for overseas Universities? Then get in contact with our professional and high qualified team that speaks your native language. We give our students all the support they need from filling in applications correctly to sorting out visa issues. We can provide pre-departure information with visa services and we can help arrange medical insurance, accommodation & stay, and airport transfers.

We also deal with English schools and colleges. So, if you want to study an IELTS, TOEFL, ESOL or any other well-renowned language course in preparation for University, we can offer you the chance to complete the full English course at an English school in your desired country.

Our expert and trained counselors significantly increase your admission chances at universities and colleges with efficient and professional student services. We stay all the way with you and take ‘total’ care of you and your life pursuits. You, students, are one of us, one of the beloved members of Creaticks Consultancy for Education and Training (CCET) extended family. We are looking forward with great joy to your visit to Creaticks Consultancy for Education and Training (CCET) office.

Creaticks staffs have the experience, facilities and expertise to find a wide range of universities to meet your personal needs. We are experienced in tailoring our service to cater for the needs of our international students. We have worked with thousands of students from all nationalities. We do however mainly target students from the Middle-East.

What are you waiting for? Take the leap and Apply now!

Training Programs  

We are coordinating training programs of international institutions upon the request of clients. We can coordinate any professional training programs in Saudi Arabia or any other destination by the support of our partners.

We have the confidence, excellence and assurance to bring success to organizations and clients who are seeking to improve their skills and performance. All this is carried out through our innovative and robust learning solutions and techniques. Our vision has been workable, achievable and realistic, our resources to contributed to achieving it.  Our services are open to all levels of organizations and people, since we believe in enabling and enhancing knowledge and skills.



Who we are

Creaticks is a young motivated educational consultant agency. We are a team of professional people who are keeping up with the modern world and up to date trends and technologies.

Creaticks helps students who are eager to learn, to get into the right universities and colleges. But wait, there’s more! We not only help students get into a school, we also offer a range of placement services to help them settle in when they arrive so that they, and their parents, can enjoy a stress-free transition to studying abroad.

Our Mission

Our mission is to place genuine education minded clients at genuine education providers. We aim to take leadership in the education industry and set examples for others with our distinguished quality of services for clients and education providers. We strive to uphold the excellence of higher education by providing inclusive, competent and professional supports to clients’ community and educational institutions.

Our Vision

I Can and I Will.Excellence is not a destination but a never ending journey. For us, every sign is a new benchmark. Every challenge we are facing is an opportunity to excel. Every achievement is a step to greater heights.

Our Vision:

Offer staff challenging work in a decisive organization.
- Excellence is not a destination but a never-ending journey. For us, every sign is a new benchmark. Every challenge we are facing is an opportunity to excel. Every achievement is a step to greater heights.
- Efficient, inexpensive, and as such competitive.
- Listen to our customers and tailor services to meet their objectives. Commit to continuously evaluate, innovate, and upgrade technology and processes to eliminate error and achieve maximum efficiency.