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07 Mar

Cost of living Montreal

Montreal is always praised for having such an incredibly low cost of living. But how affordable is life in Montreal really? Calculating the cost of living using calculator Numbeo, can find out the exact cost of living in our reasonable city, however, there are a lot of variables when trying to calculate a city's cost of living. But we know more than enough about the average International student to create a pretty good picture of their lifestyle, and what they spend money on.

No matter what city you live in, rent payments are going to be your largest monthly expense. Thankfully, the rates are just so low when compared to other Canadian cities. This is where we're taking a very different figure than the one Numbeo suggests. Most students live with roommates, which drastically cuts down the price of rent. Living outside of high price zones like downtown, the McGill Ghetto, or Old Montreal can get you an even lower rate. In general, rent in Montreal could range from $300 or $500, depending on the area (Verdun vs. Plateau) and what's included in the rent.

Utilities & Monthly Expenses
Now onto the boring stuff we all have to pay for, like heating, electricity, and internet. Depending on the time of year, utilities like heating can vary, but others are a bit more constant, like your phone bill.
• Basic utilities (heating, electricity, water): $101.82
• Internet: $52.05
• Cellphone: $60 (average of the big three service providers)
• Gym membership: $47.48
     Total: $261. 35

For all of us that don't live with our parents, that means a trip to the grocery store. To calculate an average total for groceries in Montreal, we're going to base our/Numbeo's calculations on a well-rounded meat-eating diet. Many in the city are vegetarians, so they may have a slightly lower food-bill because they're not buying meat, but one could argue that vegetarians tend to spend more on cheese (one of the pricier grocery items) and that could even everything out anyway. A grocery bill in Montreal, with a healthy mix of fruits, veggies, grains, cheese, and meat adds up to $49.4, or $197.6 per month.

Getting Around - Commuting
It is easy to get around with the city's metro and bus solid system. Since owning a car isn't quite a need in a small city like Montreal especially for International students, we're going to list the only real transportation expense as a monthly STM pass which is cut in half if you apply for a student discount. Total: $82.00 per month.

The Cost of Living In Montreal
Now that we've got all the nitty-gritty out of the way, let's find out just how much it actually costs you to live in Montreal every month. Taking into account rent, transportation and utilities, here is how much you're like to spend in a month in Montreal if you don't go/eat out that much, the figure is closer to $1, 000. All in all, Montreal is a very affordable city, even after you break everything down. A minimum wage job will pretty much cover all of your expenses, and all those who live the professional life will be sitting pretty. That's definitely not the case in Toronto and Vancouver.

We hope the above information is useful, feel free to get in touch with us if you need further details.